"OFT's" = "Alt-NFT's"
There seem to be many people -- both buyers and artists -- jumping on the "NFT" craze. 
"NFT's," "Non-Fungible Tokens," ("non-fungible" = "non-exchangeable") are artifacts built on blockchain that present the user with the possibility of owning a "one-of-a-kind" digital work of art, music, etc, one that cannot be found anywhere else, like owning the Mona Lisa, . 
Unfortunately, this claim is dubious, at best, since the reality is that a user can purchase this "digital receipt" signifying ownership of the artwork, but the artist still maintains rights to the work itself, and can continue sharing, distributing, and marketing it freely. 
NFT's, as enumerated in the articles below, are also, by and large, *immensely* costly to the environment, at a time when we are already seeing drastic effects of climate change around the world, from full-year fire seasons, to increased hurricane activity to tens of millions displaced from their homes: 
On May 18th, 2021, it was reported that the International Energy Agency -- an organization designed after the 1970s oil crisis to advise the world on energy use, NOT an environmental organization -- recommends steps the planet can undertake to avert permanent damage to the world's ecosystems by 2050, but there needs to be unprecedented, redoubled global cooperation and it needs to begin NOW.
To me, regardless of any discussions of traditional NFT platforms versus newer "Proof of Stake" ones, like Oneof on Tezos, there is absolutely no wiggle room at this time.
Regardless of attempts to finagle Ethereum, or convince the world to shift to "Proof of Stake" crypto platforms, the fact is that the climate crisis worsens every day, and 2050 could already be an abject nightmare, without a single NFT minting, sale or trade.
In 2020, experts published the following article, detailing the dangers this planet faces, long before NFT's were a fad, and adding to the burdens:
Even if Ethereum successfully transitions to "Proof of Stake," or platforms like Tezos gain momentum, this will take time, and if there is one takeaway from the IEA recommendation, this time is non-existent.
You could disagree, and pour your earnings into these NFTs.  You could support one of the greener, "Proof of Stake" platforms, and purchase these artifacts that still do not even come close to offering you an "original work of art."
I am sure I'm not the first to suggest this, but, by the same token (<-see what I did there?) investors seeking to support an artist could circumvent the egregious cost to the environment, identify and download the digital artwork in question, and simply deposit, in good faith, funds to an online wallet.  
The item in your possession would be no different, no less authentic or unique, than an NFT; at least, not to an extent that justifies perpetuation of dependence on fossil fuels -- even the reduced burden of "Proof of Stake" platforms --  at this time in history.
It would be a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win! (<-is this a blockchain?)
*Right now,* you can have the experience of owning an NFT, AND serve the environment, and our pressing need to wean the planet off of fossil fuels. 
I imagine there are other artists undertaking similar endeavors, but I have coined (<-see what I did there?) the term, "#OFT's" (Optionally-fungible tokens).
Another term for this transaction could be: "NFT-Lite." An NFT-Lite would afford no less cache for the buyer, and ALSO signify that the buyer is climate-conscious: surely a "virtuous cycle" value proposition.
Of course, artists could choose any term for these objects, in the same way that NFT's themselves require leaps of imagination to support.
Peruse the "OFT's," or, "NFT-Lites," on this site, download what you would like, and, again, in good faith, please deposit a fee of your choosing (ideally one sharing the inflated speculation of blockchain investment) here: 
venmo @adam-matta 
If you prefer to avoid entirely transferring funds through the universe of bits, bytes, silicone, etc, checks or money orders can be mailed via snail to:
Adam Matta
PO Box 718
421 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

If an NFT is purported to be a "Mona Lisa," these can be thought of as prints from Da Vinci's studio. 
You can show these off to your friends, along with the commitment you've shown to protecting our Earth and its ecosystems! 
There are numerous methods by which we can document the authenticity of our transaction, including: an email, a screenshot of our transaction, a note from our mothers, etc., none of which require burning enough energy to power an apartment for a month (see the above articles).
The only truly non-fungible items worth investments are our planet, and our human rights. 
Your support is greatly appreciated, and, thank you for saving the environment!
Please submit any queries regarding high-resolution files, original "brick-and-mortar," "IRL" artwork, commissions, bookings, or other inquiries, using the form above.
more, traditionally-available artwork and clothing at:
and, new music available on all digital platforms, here:

15% of all "OFT" sales will go to a robust environmental or human rights organization, like 350.org, World Food Programme, or ACLU.
(this is an evolving site, please check back for new uploads!)
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